Benefits of SR&ED


The Canadian government provides in excess of 3 billion dollars to Canadian companies through the SR&ED program. However many companies do not capitalize on this opportunity simply because they are unaware of it, feel they do not qualify or find the process too daunting and time consuming. But this could be a costly mistake.

Your company could receive over 60% of everyday expenses in the form of a cash refund or an income tax credit (ITC) through the SR&ED program. The basic expenditures that can be claimed for SR&ED tax credits include:

  • Labour
  • Overhead
  • Materials
  • Subcontracting fees
  • Capital expenditures
  • Lease expenditures


These funds can then be invested back into your business to:

  • Increase your R&D budget which can finance more innovation
  • Hire new talent
  • Expand your facilities
  • Adopt new equipment or technologies
  • Improve product marketing
  • Add shareholder value


The SR&ED program is giving your competition an edge in the market. Make sure you are taking advantage of this generous incentive.


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